DEBTMAN is a scalable, modern state of the art Debt Collection Management System that allows Debt Collection companies to manage all aspects of their Debt Collection process e.g. creating Debt Collection Pipelines, maintaining of Debt Collection Consultants, creating and management of Promise to Pays, flexible creation of Debtor correspondence, automated calculations of interest due amounts, extensive and flexible reporting.


Pipeline Master

This module allows the user to import lists of Debtors that owe money. It has the following functionality:

· Facility to setup user defined fields

· Facility to associate Pipelines to the Debt Collection company’s customers

· Facility to associate different parameters (e.g. interest charged) against each Pipeline

· Facility to report at Pipeline level


Debt Collection Module

This module is used by the Debt Collection Consultants in order to allow them to manage their debt collection process. It has the following functionality:

· Facility to do search for Debtors and view/maintain all Debtor information

· Facility to flexibly allocate Debtors to Debt Collection Consultants by various criteria

· Facility to view and maintain Debtor information

· Facility to send template driven and custom e-mails/SMS’s from within the system

· Facility to create and automate follow up on Promise To Pays

· View of Financial transactions associated to each Debtor (Accounts Receivable)

· Facility to create diarised transactions against a Debtor

· Flexibility in defining what collection charges must be charged to the Debtor for the collection process


Activity Master

This module allows the user to create and diarise activities against Debtors. The system will remind users when diarised activities have to be performed.


Month End Module

This module calculates the interest due for each Debtor on a monthly basis.


Customer Invoicing

This module calculates how much the Debt Collection company must invoice their customers for moneys collected from the customer’s Debtors.


DEBTMAN System Overview

DEBTMAN System Overview

Collection Consultant Commissions

This module calculates the commission that each Collection Consultant must receive for moneys that the Collection Consultant collected from the Debtors.



The system employs Role based security that allow an administrator to easily configure what functionality must be assigned to each user



Standard Reports are available. Additional customised reports can be added to the system.


Integration to Financial Systems

DEBTMAN can be integrated to Financial Systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Accpac, Navision.



DEBTMAN is a web based system developed using Microsoft’s latest .Net technology. Microsoft Sequel Server is used as the database and Microsoft’s Sequel Reporting Services is used for reporting.

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